Welcome to Café USA!

A café is internationally recognized as a place for people to gather and enjoy good food, drink, and conversation. The concept for this café was established in 2005 when the world endorsed the idea of full and open access to Earth observations. We promote a future where decisions and actions, for the benefit of humankind, are informed by coordinated, comprehensive, and sustained Earth observation information and services.

This is no ordinary café. Our café is a store of stories with Earth observations on the menu! There are three areas for you to enjoy:


Our “observistas” will “serve up” stories on how Earth observations touch our lives and drive informed decisions every day.


Our interactive touch tables provide short videos and information on U.S. Earth-observing activities that focus on three themes:

We Share with the World

These videos demonstrate the full and open nature of U.S. public Earth-observing data and information, showcase innovation, and show how Earth observations support societal benefits.

We Partner with the World

These videos showcase systems and services achieved through international partnership and cooperation.

We Support GEO

The U.S. contributes to 74% of GEO Work Programme activities. Check out what the U.S. is doing in 32 different GEO activities.