Working Groups

The USGEO Subcommittee principles meet monthly and conduct their activities through subsidiary working groups including:

The Data Management Working Group (DMWG) supports U.S. agencies’ Earth observation life cycle data management, stewardship, and preservation. This work addresses data management principles, approaches, data architecture considerations, data standardization, data policy and implementation frameworks. The DMWG will also support cooperation with domestic and international stakeholders, including the private sector, to stimulate innovation and efficiency in data collection, management, and delivery. The DMWG will also work to coordinate and provide leadership to GEO to encourage the development of new international data standards intended to encourage greater interoperability and access to data globally.

The International Activities Working Group (IAWG) coordinates U.S. participation in international Earth observations activities, especially as related to the intergovernmental Group on Earth Observations (GEO). The work of the IAWG centers around three general categories:

  1. Prepare the U.S. representatives for participation in GEO meetings and events, which includes reviewing GEO documents and identifying U.S. positions.
  2. Confer on U.S. participation in GEO activities and projects to maximize opportunities for synergy and advocacy, both within U.S agencies, and between the United States and other GEO members.
  3. Engage with international organizations, user groups, or private sector entities to advance U.S. interests in Earth observation issues.

The Satellite Needs Working Group (SNWG) conducts a biennial collection of agency satellite observation needs for NASA to consider as part of its satellite systems engineering and budgeting processes. The USGEO Satellite Needs process provides the first-ever whole-of-government approach to addressing agencies' civil Earth observation satellite needs. The third Satellite Needs process was completed in 2021, and fourth iteration will begin in 2022.